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Lettre de John Carroll Lynch

Dear members of the Ecumenical Jury, Carlo Chatrian, the staff of the Locarno film festival and the amazing audience who attended this year,

I thank you so much for honoring “Lucky” with the Ecumenical Jury prize.

It is very moving to me, that a film that is so unabashedly athiest can be given such a prize. It speaks to the commitment of the jury to the word ecumenical. In your hearts and minds, it seems, there is a place in the rainbow of faiths for Athiesm and its color: black. For that we thank you.

While “Lucky” wears its atheism on its sleeve, there is no doubt that the themes of mortality and life’s meaning fall in a spiritual realm. Even though Lucky (and Harry Dean himself for that matter) would disagree that there is a spiritual realm, or a soul for that matter. But regardless of one’s faith, we all have to face the truth of our mortality and “Truth is a thing.”

I thank you on behalf of the writers, the cast, and crew of “Lucky," all of the producers including Superlative Films, Divide/conquer, and Lagralane, and our distributor Magnolia Pictures and myself.

Prix du jury œcuménique Locarno 2017

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